Why Christian Counseling Matters

We all have times when we struggle. It might be a personal struggle, such as coping with depression, anger or anxiety. It might be in relationships with family, co-workers or friends. It might be a deep worry about someone close to you and their behavior.

For those with Christian faith, the support of a faith-based counselor can be extremely helpful during times of struggle. Even for those who doubt their faith or are not believers can benefit from the principles and guidance of faith-based counseling. Christian counselors use God’s Word as a foundation for addressing mental health concerns, addictions or behavioral issues through clinically sound and evidenced-based solutions and goals. Christian counseling is based on strong psychological and behavioral health studies as well as the powers of faith, hope and trust in God.

Christian counseling focuses on forgiveness, faith and hope. None of us are perfect and we all make mistakes. Learning how to forgive yourself, and others, is a strong step in healing wounds and correcting patterns of behavior. Faith is complete confidence and trust in something you cannot necessarily see or touch. Hope is the desire to want something to happen or be true. Together, forgiveness, faith and hope can be empowering.

Relying on your own strength to overcome struggles can be hard. But if you have faith that things will improve, hope that you will achieve your goals and if you are willing to forgive yourself and others along the way, your outlook and your mental health can begin to improve.

All counselors desire to help people overcome their problems and become well-adjusted, healthy and productive individuals. All counselors understand that everyone has physical, social and psychological needs. Christian counselors provide the added perspective that we are all also spiritual beings with a connection to a higher power. A higher power that can provide an additional source of strength, motivation, and purpose. The power of forgiveness, faith and hope.

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