Caring for our Community

We value the ability to work in harmony with community members, schools, pastors and churches.  Strong relationships are often the strongest tools in nurturing a broken heart or damaged soul. Our counselors are available as an extension to that embrace, standing ready to provide any professional support or care that we can provide.

At LCFS each of our counselors understand the value and power of Christian counseling and faith-based care. Each day they assist children, teens, adults, couples and families with counseling that is comprehensive, compassionate and professionally informed.

The Impact of Faith in Counseling

With counselors grounded in the Christian faith, God’s word and the Bible, we help individuals understand that we are spiritual beings with a connection to a higher power. A higher power that can provide an additional source of strength, motivation, and purpose. A God that can help us to find forgiveness, faith and hope and help us to heal.

Christian counseling is based on strong clinical practices, psychological and behavioral studies, Biblical references and the powers of faith, hope and trust in God. Through professional techniques and counseling standards, we direct those counseled toward a path of forgiveness, faith and hope.

How We Can Help

  • Train church, school and community business staffs to learn basic signs of mental illness, grief, suicidal tendencies and other concerns
    • How to best approach those with urgent mental health needs with compassion, calm and God’s healing and encourage them to seek assistance
    • Promote acceptance of those with mental health issues
    • Foster a safe and supportive environment to discuss mental health concerns
  • Provide staff and congregation members with assistance in making referrals for individual, family or child counseling for professional faith-based counseling services
  • Insurance assistance and a sliding payment fee
  • Crisis Response – To have LCFS staff present and available for immediate crisis support and follow-up care for the LCMS community and schools
  • Make available trusted faith-based resources on a wide variety of mental health issues

Healing Faith

None of us are perfect and we all make mistakes. Relying on personal strength to overcome struggles can be hard. With faith that things will improve, hope that goals will be met and a willingness to forgive yourself and others along the way, relationships, futures and mental health can begin to improve.

Need Help?

To request support or assistance, or to learn more, please contact Carol Flanary, LCFS CEO at 414-536-8333 extension 33 or at

In the event of a crisis situation after hours, call 414-536-8333 and leave a message. We will respond asap.