Alcohol & Substance Abuse

Our confidential Alcohol and Drug Treatment program combines evidence-based addiction treatment with a compassionate, personal approach. We help individuals to understand their issue, realize the impact it has on themselves and others and help them to work towards a healthy and obtainable resolution. Goals for recovery include physical, psychological, behavioral, social and spiritual changes to reduce risk of relapse. We offer individual, group and educational sessions.

Addiction is a disease.  Recovery can begin today. We will address:

Getting Clean and Sober

  • Stopping alcohol or drug use in order to allow the brain and body to begin to heal
  • Restoring health by eating well, exercising and sleeping properly
  • Developing methods to replace the use of alcohol and other drugs with healthy behaviors
  • Learning how to deal with addictive cravings
  • Providing assurances that you are not alone in your recovery

Strengthening Addiction Recovery

  • Learning what it takes to not use alcohol or other drugs
  • Adopting skills and techniques to identify and overcome triggers
  • Learning how to control and deal with feelings of anger, guilt, sadness
  • Tips in establishing sober friendships
  • Participating in a Twelve Step or other mutual-help group sessions

Thriving During Recovery – Enjoying life without alcohol/drugs

  • Reinforcing healthy new behaviors and establishing new patterns
  • Managing your disease with the help and support of a sober community
  • Being honest with yourself
  • Learning when and how to use professional help when needed
  • Being of service to others

Are You Concerned? Look for these warning signs:

  • DUI, OWI, underage drinking offenses or other legal issues due to alcohol/drug abuse
  • Low productivity at work or low grades in school
  • Problems with family, friends, co-workers
  • Inability to limit alcohol or drug usage
  • Failed attempts at previous treatment or recovery

For families or loved ones dealing with the addiction – don’t ignore your own needs. We understand how addiction works and how it can take over one’s life. If you are being negatively affected by another’s use of alcohol and/or drugs, we can help. Our counselors can help you understand the disease, be supportive of your loved one and help you to focus on your own personal recovery.

We can help you find a Counselor

We can match you to a counselor that will meet your needs and specifications, answer any questions you may have and get you started on improving your health and well-being. Both in-person and virtual counseling sessions are available.

Ready to get started?

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Speaking Opportunities

If you belong to an organization that is looking for a speaker, please consider us! Our professional staff members are prepared to address organizations, church and school groups, or present at conferences or in-services for professional staff. Please contact us at 414-536-8333 extension 33.