How We Work with Your School

Being healthy physically, mentally and emotionally is key to a long, happy life.

Sometimes kids struggle with how to deal with certain feelings, events and situations. Some need help understanding how to control their behavior and emotions, or how to manage stress. Some children act out while others may internalize their feelings by exhibiting low self-esteem, isolating, withdrawing or not engaging in activities they once enjoyed.

If a child’s behavior is causing repeated problems at school or is a concern at home, it’s important to get help. When children experience emotional or behavioral problems, the earlier they get treatment, the easier it is to help them. Professional counseling can be a huge benefit to kids when they have problems they can’t cope with alone.

Each of our in-school counselors have had advanced training in child and adolescent psychology, trauma recovery and family counseling. With parental permission they assess, diagnose and treat children referred into the program and administer to both long term concerns and real time challenges.

At LCFS, we believe in “wraparound care” – a process in which all those present in a child’s world – parents, guardians, teachers, pastors, pediatricians – are included in that child’s mental health plan. We believe this is a highly effective practice in ensuring understanding, consistency and support for that child. We will work with a child until he or she is in a stronger, healthier place.

At any time, a parent can talk with a counselor to discuss progress, concerns, suggestions and updates.

Getting Started

With parental permission, a child referred to LCFS’s in school counseling program will be evaluated by the LCFS counselor working in that partnered school. To see if we are located at your school, please call Dan Carlin, In-school Coordinator at 414 -536-8333, extension 13.

Appointments for counseling within a child’s school or at LCFS’s Outpatient Child Therapy clinic can be made by contacting LCFS at 414-536-8333 or by completing registration paperwork.

If it is determined that counseling would be beneficial, a personal plan of goals and progress points will be established. We will work with the parent(s) and child to mutually identify goals for the child to work on. Each child is treated as the unique and individual person that they are. We focus on strengths and positives and use them to help the child identify, grow and feel pride in these strengths and how they can best use them going forward.