Child Counseling / Therapy

Children deserve to be healthy. And that includes their mental health.

LCFS has always placed a high priority on children and to protect a child’s integrity, self-worth and mental health through professional, compassionate counseling.

The Mental Health Crisis in Children

In 2022 the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Children’s Hospital Association and the US Surgeon General declared a Youth Mental Health Crisis and National Emergency. The pandemic, increased gun violence, social media pressure and the normal challenges of childhood have today’s youth in a fragile mental health situation. Girls, teenagers, children of minorities and those from lower income families have higher incidents of poor mental health including cycles of anxiety, depression and behavioral difficulties.

When to Seek Help

Kids express mental health or behavioral issues in a variety of ways.  Occasional outbursts are normal to growing up. However, if a pattern emerges and begins to affect a child’s schoolwork, peer relationships or family dynamics, it may be time for a professional evaluation.

Things to watch for:

  • Sadness or moodiness lasting more than a week
  • Anxious behaviors including excessive crying, self-harm or visible nervous behaviors
  • Repeated outbursts of anger and defiance with or without physical actions
  • A different eating pattern such as refusing to eat or gorging
  • Withdrawing or refusing to participate in friend, group or family activities

We Can Help

LCFS has a complete team of specially trained child and adolescent therapists prepared to assess, diagnose and treat a child or teen’s mental health or behavioral issues. We offer both outpatient therapy (in clinic or office setting) as well as in-school counseling within partnering schools. Our goal is to help children overcome mental health concerns, develop skills and techniques to regain a sense of stability in their lives, improve family dynamics and set the stage for a successful future.
  • With parental consent, we will reach out to and work with key adults in that child’s world – parents, guardians, teachers, pastors, pediatricians to ensure a continuum of support and care.
  • We will create an individual plan of care based on a child’s specific, unique needs
  • We will stay with a child until he or she is in a stronger, healthier place
  • We will involve parents and keep them involved in all aspects of their child’s care

We can help you find a therapist

We can match you to a therapist that will meet your needs and specifications, answer any questions you may have and get you started on improving your health and well-being. Both in-person and virtual counseling sessions are available.

Ready to get started?

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