School Staff Training

One of the unique things that LCFS can offer to schools is to train staff in the early signs of trauma related issues or emotional, behavioral or mental health concerns. Teachers and school workers are uniquely positioned to notice a change in a child’s behavior or mental status.

This education can prove beneficial not just to the students, but to the teachers and school staff as well. By helping staff recognize early signs and signals of distress, counselors and teachers can work in partnership to help a child feel safe and make appropriate referrals for proper care and treatment.

Mental Health or Behavioral Training

It can be challenging for adults to recognize when a child is dealing with a mental health issue. It is equally as challenging for a child to express their feelings or emotions.

Our counselors will help school staff learn the signs that a child may being having more than a bad day. By being attentive to a child’s mood and behavior, there are recognizable symptoms that may be warning signs.

Recognizing these warning signs is the first step in helping a child receive proper care. Our training includes:

  • Spotting signs and symptoms
  • Using the proper language
  • Creating a safe environment
  • Dealing with a crisis
  • Seeking appropriate care

Identifying Trauma-related Issues in Children

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) defines a traumatic event as “any scary, dangerous or violent event” that poses a threat to the physical safety or well-being of a child”.

These events can directly involve a child or may result from a threat to a parent, guardian or loved one which have been witnessed by the child. These experiences can trigger strong physical and emotional responses, which may persist long after the event passes.

A traumatic experience event is often directly tied to a child’s inability to function in class, form trusting relationships and focus on positives in their lives. National studies agree that trauma inflicted during childhood is often the root cause for mental illness later in life.

Our counselors have training in trauma recovery and child psychology for adverse childhood experiences. They will help school staff identify early signs and symptoms and how to best proceed in managing concerns for a child.

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To see if we are located at your school, please call Dan Carlin, In-school Coordinator at 414-853-8333, extension 13.