Birth Parent Options

Deciding what to do with an unexpected pregnancy can be stressful and confusing. We are here to help – without pressure or judgement.

Considering placing a child into adoption is a very personal decision. Our adoption staff will work with you confidentially to understand and support your wishes and relieve your concerns.

Women who find themselves facing an unexpected pregnancy are often overwhelmed with a multitude of questions and concerns, including:

  • Am I ready for this?
  • Do I have a good support system?
  • How will I pay my medical expenses?
  • Can I afford to raise a child?
  • Will I be able to provide the life I want for my child?
  • Will I have enough time? Money? Support?
  • I want my baby to have a stable family with both a mother and a father
  • What about my goals? School? A job? Travel? Moving up?
  • Do I have problems that could affect my child? Drugs? Alcohol?
  • What is best for the baby?

You do not have to face these questions alone. We will work with you from the day you find out you are pregnant through the birth of your child.

Here’s What We Can Promise You:

  • To provide you with options that are best for you and your baby
  • To support you through your entire journey, without pressure or opinion
  • To ensure that both you and your baby are provided the medical care you need
  • To provide loving families for your consideration
  • To make available any professional counseling you many need
  • To listen, to understand and to care
  • Arrange for you to speak with a birth mom, if you would like, about her experience through the adoption process

Why Choose LCFS?

  • Our services are strictly confidential. Only others you choose to involve will be involved
  • Our services are free to birth parents; funding has been arranged through grants and gifts
  • We will provide you with resources to address your emotional, psychological and physical needs
    • If you would like support for any feelings or concerns you may have such as grief, family conflict, substance abuse or other matters, our professional counselors are here to support you
  • A “no-pressure” approach to adoption planning and the options for adoption available to you including placing with a licensed adoptive family, relative, long term foster care or a bridge home while deciding
  • All LCFS’s waiting families reside in Wisconsin and comply with the state’s strict adoptive home study process
  • You may help us in selecting the family that is right for your child. LCFS finds safe, qualified, stable, nurturing parents who are dreaming of building a family through adoption
  • Birth parents and families who choose to have an open adoption will have a mutual opportunity for meeting prior to the child’s birth and for ongoing contact
  • Assistance with legally allowable expenses
    • Possibilities may include assistance with rent, material clothes, food, etc. to help with the safety and health of the baby
  • Attorney provided for free
    • Referrals are made to local attorneys who have dedicated years of work to help birth parents with the court process

Help is available 24/7 via text or phone

Our adoption coordinator is also available to help 24/7 via text or call at (414) 750-4263.

Ready to talk?

If you are ready to speak to a member of our staff please contact us at (414) 536-8333, by email at or through the form below.

Ready to talk? Feel free to drop us a line.