Adult Counseling / Therapy

During times of crisis or concern, you do not have to go through it alone. Seeking counseling for yourself or others is a sign of courage, love, respect and hope. Our professional counselors can help you to understand and manage your situation.

When is it time to seek counseling?

At some point, we all face a situation that tests us. While many issues correct themselves with time and support, there may be a time when issues become overwhelming and seemingly unable to be resolved. This is when professional mental health counseling can help.

Common concerns

  • Overwhelming feelings of stress or anxiety can cause symptoms such as intense anger, fatigue, physical pain, digestive troubles and difficulty sleeping. Anxiety is persistent, excessive worrying that will not go away.
  • Depression can include withdrawing from friends and family, refusing to take part in regular activities, declining to eat, excessive sleeping or extended periods of solitude. Depression can evolve into having thoughts about self-harm or suicide.
  • While it is normal to feel deep sadness after experiencing a loss or separation, in some people the sadness does not resolve itself in time and effects daily routines and overall health.
  • Some people who are experiencing feelings of being overwhelmed or out of control will turn to other crutches to help them cope. This could include alcohol, drugs, food or excessive physical activity.
  • Past experiences of abuse, tragedy or trauma that were so bothersome or overwhelming, can be buried deep in subconscious memories. Often without consciously realizing it, these memories result in behaviors and actions that can be detrimental such as abusive behavior, chronic illness or relationship problems.
  • Compulsive behaviors can come on quickly or sneak up over time. They can evolve to the point where they cannot be stopped despite the physical or emotional damage it is doing to the individual or to those around him/her.
  • Marriage or relationship issues – Close personal, work or social relationships can often create frustration, communication issues, broken expectations and general unhappiness which can lead to fractures in families, friendships and workplace harmony.

How a professional counselor can help

Professional counselors can diagnose the cause of concern, bring solutions to problems, resolve long-standing issues, teach coping and behavioral change techniques, improve self-esteem and empower individuals to move forward in a healthier space. Our professional counselors use a variety of methods and proven therapies including:
  • cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • solution-focused therapy
  • mindfulness
  • emotional processing techniques
  • client-centered therapy

We can help you find a therapist

We can match you to a therapist that will meet your needs and specifications, answer any questions you may have and get you started on improving your health and well-being. Both in-person and virtual counseling sessions are available.

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