Making Mental Health Your Priority

The events of the past few years have challenged us in many ways. It also brought into attention the importance of taking steps to be healthy both physically and mentally. Good mental health is essential to all aspects of life. Anxiety, stress, sadness, grief, feeling overwhelmed or isolated can crop up in anyone’s life at any time. Here are a few tips from the staff of Lutheran Counseling and Family Services of Wisconsin to help in your mental health wellness:

  • Limit over saturation of news and media. Being informed is important, but avoid news overload. Pick two reliable sources of information and check them once per day.
  • Remind yourself to TRUST. Trust in your faith and find hope and peace there. Trust in those who love and care for you. Trust the medical experts that are working hard to do what is best for everyone.
  • Practice self-care. Get enough sleep, go for walks, do yoga or other enjoyable activities. Eat healthy. Set up a schedule for a daily routine and stick to it. Maintaining a sense of normality can reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Find one person who you can openly communicate with. Talk about your worries and fears and listen to theirs. Nurture and reassure each other.
  • Explore what you can do to help others. Being of help to others can boost your own self-esteem and will be greatly appreciated by those you affect.

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