Tara and Josh


We can’t understand how difficult this time is for you but considering adoption is a courageous and selfless decision you have made for the love of your child. We have been married since 2007 and have been trying to start our family since 2013. Josh works in sales and is also a warehouse director with his employer. Tara works in nursing at a local hospital. We enjoy spending time with out friends and family. We have nieces and nephews that we cherish, adore, and love watching them grow up but are hoping to someday have a child of our own to do the same with. Tara enjoys crafting, reading, and spending time outdoors. Josh enjoys working on cars, fishing, spending time outdoors, and fixing anything that he can find or help with. Your child will be given and will be raised in a home filled with unconditional love, laughter, and faith. We will be blessed and our hearts will be filled with gratitude with the gift of parenthood.

Josh and Tara