Sarah and Todd

Thank you for considering the gift of adoption! While we can not even imagine what you are going through, we thank you for considering us to love and care for your baby. Please know that you and your baby are in our prayers. Todd and Sarah both come from very strong, loving, and supportive families. We live in a rural area in southeastern Wisconsin. Our son, Andrew, joined our family in 2018. He is such a joy and blessing! We have so much more love to give. We feel that one of the greatest things you can do for a child is give them a sibling. Unfortunately, we struggled month after month of not being pregnant, and the heartbreak of two miscarriages. Andrew frequently asks about a brother or sister, and we pray that God will give him one. Sarah is a teacher. She cares very much about each student, wanting nothing but the best for them all. In her free time, she enjoys taking an excessive number of pictures and then scrapbooking them. She also loves playing with Andrew, reading, and the Brewers. Sarah is a loving mom, always willing to give lots of snuggles. Todd is an assistant manager in the accounting department for a nonprofit.  He is very patient with everyone in his department.  In his free time, he enjoys all things sports, especially the Chicago Cubs.  He loves his one-on-one time with Andrew, teaching him lots of new things.  We are a very happy little family.  We make it priority to do things like talk to each other while eating dinner together every night and family devotions before bed, because although they seem like little things, they are actually big things. Together we love going on adventures, doing things like hiking in state parks, seeing lighthouses and waterfalls, and attending baseball games. We have a goal of visiting all the National Parks and all the baseball stadiums in the United States. We have two dogs, Shortstop and Slugger, going along with our baseball theme. Both dogs are very good with Andrew.  It’s fun watching them together! At home you can find us playing board games, doing puzzles, practicing baseball in the living room, or basketball in the backyard. One of our favorite things to do at home is sing.  Sometimes we sing real songs; other times we make up silly songs to sing back and forth to each other. We are very involved at our church. Sarah plays organ/piano for most services. Todd sings solos on a regular basis and is the church treasurer.  Time with our extended families is very important to us. We frequently have get-togethers with both sides of our family. Andrew loves his cousins, and game nights are a must! We have lots of love to give and would be honored to raise your child to know Jesus as his/her Savior.