Jennifer and Dan

Hello! While we cannot understand what you’re going through we do understand you want to make the best decision for you and your child. That is all we are hoping for as well. We have been married for eight wonderful years. We both come from strong, loving, spiritual families. That foundation and love has helped to shape us into strong individuals and we’ve always known we are meant to be parents. We each have siblings with young children so your child would have plenty of cousins to grow up with. We love our nieces and nephews so much and enjoy watching them grow and helping guide them where we can. It would mean the world to us to do the same for your child. Jennifer is a teacher with a Masters in Education and Leadership. She goes above and beyond for her students and colleagues. She enjoys spending time with the people she loves, reading, and playing tennis when the weather is nice. Dan is a creative director for a design firm and has built his career to enable us to have a nice home in which to raise our family. He loves the outdoors, sports, cars and creating anything with his hands. We can’t wait to be able to share these kinds of experiences with a son or daughter. We enjoy volunteering within our community and love to travel to new places and learn about their history and culture. Our home is filled with love, faith and happiness. We cannot express how much your consideration means to us. Your child would be our world and they would know you made an amazing and selfless decision to give them the best life possible.