Alysha and Adam


We are Adam and Alysha. We thank you for considering us as you make this difficult, but loving decision. We started dating in 2007, and since then, we have been the best of friends and partners. We were married in 2012, and we have a home in Southeastern Wisconsin. Adam is an 8th grade science teacher, and Alysha is an accountant for a local bank. We tried for some time to conceive a child, but fertility issues have stood in the way and lead us to the decision that our journey in life will include adoption. A child in our home will be loved unconditionally and will be raised in a warm environment where love and patience will surround them. We are fortunate to have a loving family and support system, that we spend quite a bit of time with and fully support us in adding a child to our family. We have two dogs, Luna and Stella. They are both fun-loving dogs, who love to play with our nieces and nephew and are very good with children. We enjoy being outdoors doing activities such as camping, fishing, hunting, and hiking. We are avid sports fans. We love to cook and experiment with many different types of foods. We also enjoy playing board games and reading. Overall, we try to enjoy life and fill it with as much fun, excitement, and learning as we can. We would love to welcome a child into the journey of our life and surround them with our love. We are firm believers that God has a plan for everyone. We hope that our plan includes raising an adopted child and giving them a home that always promotes love and helps lead them to being their best self.

Thank you. Adam and Alysha