Allyssa and Colin

Hello! We are Allyssa and Colin. We are so glad you are reading this and would love to tell you a little about ourselves.

Allyssa is an artistic and loving individual. She loves doing all kinds of arts and crafts, her favorites are making things out of clay and painting. She has her own crafting room where she regularly makes unique gifts for people in her life. Eating healthy and exploring new cuisines is also important to her. When she cooks her meals they are full of a wide array of vegetables and flavors. She has been recently exploring Ethiopian cuisine. She is currently working part-time in retail, but plans to be a stay at home mom.

Colin is very into his hobbies of working out and games. Fitness is a big part of his life to the point where a small home gym was built in the garage. His other hobbies include: Magic the Gathering, Dungeon and Dragons, and reading. He visits the local game shop weekly for playing the card game magic the gathering, where often other parents bring their children to play along as well. He is currently working as an Engineer full-time, but is only a short five minute drive from home.

Together we live in a lovely ranch style home with our cats, Caspian and David. The neighborhood is a great place to live and there are several other families on the block already. We also have deep roots in Wisconsin, with both sets of parents and a large portion of Allyssa’s extended family being a short drive away.

Thank you for taking the time to read our page