Grow Your Family

Grow Your Family

If You Are Considering Adopting

LCFS has been providing adoption assistance to the Greater Milwaukee area for over 120 years and has recently expanded to Madison. LCFS is licensed by the state to place children for adoption in 38 counties across Wisconsin. Our Adoption Social Worker will work personally with you to discuss your motivation, availability and consideration. We will conduct a home study in preparation for adoption, work with adoptive families to explain the detailed legal process and provide referrals for qualified attorneys. Our fees for adoption are very competitive, and we will provide resources for financial assistance if necessary. As a Christian, faith-based organization, we establish that families chosen and approved by us will raise their child in a Christian environment.

Are We Ready to Adopt?

These are things to consider when thinking about adoption:

  • For what reasons are we considering adoption?
  • Because it may take a long time, are we prepared to wait?
  • What are the costs involved in adopting and parenting a child?
  • Are there any unresolved issues (such as infertility)?
  • Would we consider adopting a child with special needs?
  • Start Your Journey!

Types of Adoption

Domestic Adoption

Expectant parents can meet our adoption coordinator, discuss and consider an adoption plan while receiving ongoing support, all through our free birth parent counseling.

Married Christian couples who are stable and who want to grow their family can receive guidance through the adoptive process.

LCFS will act as the go-between and guide to both the birth parents and adoptive parents every step of the way. The goal of this process is to provide aid, relief and support to someone experiencing a crisis pregnancy, to grow a waiting family with the gift of a new baby, and to give that baby the possibility of a successful future.

Relative Adoption

When a parent asks a relative to assume the full responsibilities of parenting, adoption may be considered. These adoptions often formalize or make permanent a family arrangement that already exists for the child.

Stepparent Adoption

In some marriages, there may be children from a previous relationship who have an absent or neglectful biological parent. In such situations, a stepparent adoption might be appropriate. In court, the parental rights of one biological parent are terminated. Afterward, a separate court hearing allows the stepparent to legally adopt the child. Stepparent adoption is a good idea because it protects the rights of the stepparent and gives them the legal right to raise the child if something should happen to the biological parent. It also gives a child the message that the stepparent wants to make their relationship permanent and legal.

    Regardless of the type of adoption you are considering, our goal is always to provide the best possible outcome for all involved, especially the child. To schedule a confidential appointment use the form below, or call us at (414) 536-8333 or (800) 291-4513. You can also send a confidential email to [email protected]