About LCFS

About LCFS

Lutheran Counseling & Family Services of Wisconsin

(LCFS) is a non-profit, state licensed outpatient mental health care agency and adoption service provider, serving the State of Wisconsin. Our licensed therapists and psychologists provide counseling to children, individuals and families regardless of race, ethnic background, or religious affiliation.

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Current Employment Opportunities

Lutheran Counseling and Family Services of WI is currently looking for therapists with a Clinical Master’s degree or Psychologist to provide mental health counseling. This person must have their 3000-hours completed for third-party billing. The positions available are part-time, but can move to full-time for the right person. Fax resume to 414-536-8348. Other listings are as stated.

Openings are for the following areas:

Shawano, Wisconsin – Full-time Clinical therapist/ Psychotherapist

Oshkosh, Wisconsin – Part-time Clinical therapist/Psychotherapist

Sun Prairie/Janesville – Part-time Clinical Therapist/Psychotherapist

Wauwatosa, Wisconsin – In School Counselor/Psychotherapist

Lutheran Counseling and Family Services History of Care Timeline


Evangelical Lutheran Kinderfreund Society of Wisconsin

Orphanages in the Milwaukee area were so overcrowded that there were many homeless and dependent children who were not properly cared for, putting them at risk for bodily and spiritual harm. Pastors and laymen in the Milwaukee area saw the need for orphaned, neglected and dependent children to be cared for by Christian families instead of institutions. On June 8, 1896 the Evangelical Lutheran Kinderfreund Society of Wisconsin was created to help these children.

New Children’s Receiving Home

A new Children’s Receiving Home was constructed at 8138 Harwood Avenue in Wauwatosa and a west wing was added in 1926.


Lutheran Children’s Friends Society of Wisconsin

The name changed to Lutheran Children’s Friends Society of Wisconsin to better reflect the advancement of the organization. Some of the changes included providing casework service and oversight of private foster homes for orphaned children.

50th Anniversary

In celebration of its 50th anniversary, the agency acknowledged that over 4500 children had been cared for through foster care, adoption or supervision.


Residential Treatment Center Opens

A Residential Treatment Center opened in Wauwatosa capable of housing 32 emotionally disturbed boys aged 6-12.

Counseling Center Established

A Counseling Center providing day treatment, was established by the agency to include an additional six boys.
Expansion of services of the Lutheran Children’s Friends Society included: 32 boys living full time at the Center and six receiving day treatment, counseling for unwed pregnant women, providing foster homes and care for infant, adoption services for physically disabled children, mixed racial children, children over the age of five and international adoptions, marriage and pre-marriage counseling, and group therapy sessions.


Residential Treatment Center Closed

The Residential Treatment Center was closed, allowing the agency to focus primarily on day treatment services. Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (AODA) services were added, in large part to assist veterans dealing with addiction issues. This program rapidly grew to include civilians as well.

Lutheran Counseling & Family Services

To better reflect the broad spectrum of care provided by the agency, the Board of Directors agreed that a name change was in order. The name was officially changed to Lutheran Counseling and Family Services of Wisconsin.


Continued Services

Today we continue to offer Christian counseling for children, individuals and families, alcohol and drug abuse counseling for teens and adults, in-school counseling for at-risk students, reintegration assistance for military veterans and a broad array of adoption services.
In other words, after over 125 years LCFS is still responding to meet the most crucial needs of Wisconsin society. Read a complete history of the Lutheran Children’s Friend Society of Wisconsin in an article by Anthony Brinkman. 

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