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When Is It Time to Consider Counseling?

At some point in our lives, we face situations that test us emotionally and psychologically. While many issues correct themselves with time and a strong support system, there are other times when an issue may become overwhelming and seemingly unable to be resolved. These are the times when professional mental health counseling can help. Seeking counseling for a mental health issue that is affecting you or someone you love is a sign of courage, love, respect and hope. Learn more here (PDF).

Anger Management and Control

Anger is a completely natural human emotion.  We all feel anger at something or someone.  But when anger gets out of control and turns into destructive behavior, it can lead to problems at work, school, in personal relationships and in the quality of life for the individual and those around him/her. Learn more here (PDF).

Coping With Depression

While overcoming depression isn’t quick or easy, it is far from impossible. You do have control, even if your depression is severe and persistent. There are several things you can do to help yourself. Learn more here (PDF).

Managing Emotions

We all have emotions. They are what make us unique human beings. But, while managing emotions is an important skill, it’s not the whole picture. There are reasons why emotions happen and its important to understand their underlying purpose. Learn more here (PDF)

An Unexpected Pregnancy - Questions and Concerns

Deciding what to do with an unexpected pregnancy can be stressful and confusing. Not only does a pregnancy affect a woman physically, it also has psychological concerns. Learn more here (PDF).