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Meet Our Counselors

Our licensed staff of psychologists, counselors, therapists and social workers welcome people of all ages, regardless of faith, culture or economic status. Each is specially trained in dealing with issues that affect the mental health and well-being of our community members.  With compassion, respect and dignity, they will work with each person to empower them with the strength, tools and confidence they need to move forward in life and into the future.

During times of crisis or concern, you do not have to go through it alone. We are just a phone call away. To schedule a confidential appointment or for more information, please call us at 414-536-8333 or 800-291-4513

Many of our therapists work out of our main office in Wauwatosa, but we also have satellite locations throughout the state. See our listing below. 

If you belong to an organizaton that is looking for a speaker, please consider us!  Our counselors and therapists are prepared to address organizations, church and school groups, or present at conferences or in-services for professional staff. We can speak on a wide variety of topics ranging from anxiety to bullying to addiction awareness and education. Contact us at 414-536-8333 for more information.

Employment Opportunities

Therapists - Lutheran Counseling and Family Services of WI is currently looking for an individual with a Clinical Master's degree or Psychologist to provide mental health counseling. This person must have their 3000-hours completed for third-party billing. The positions available are part-time, but can move to full-time for the right person. Fax resume to 414-536-8348.

Openings are for the following areas:

Chilton, Wisconsin - Clinical therapist

Berlin, Wisconsin - Clinical therapist


Adoption services 

Kathryn Feiertag, MSW, CAPSWKate 2016

Adoption Coordinator

Provides services statewide


Mental health counseling

Deborah Rayburn, LPC, CSACDeb
Chief Executive Officer
Provides therapy services in the Milwaukee area



Glenn Peters, LPC, SAC, AODA


Provides services in Wauwatosa and Cudahy

"When a client is allowed to experience, accept, and become aware of all of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in a non-judgmental environment and feel safe doing it, that is when resistance and obstacles become less threatening and change can take place. Then when clients feel ready for change, I see myself as a fellow navigator or traveler with them on life's journey. By working collaboratively together, I help clients work towards the goals that they want to achieve in their life." 

Donna Powless, Ph.D., LPCDonna

Provides services in the Green Bay & Shawano area

I believe in a no-nonsense approach to counseling. I am well versed in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in which we identify your goals and make it happen through honest discussion and practice. Because of my doctorate education through the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I know there are many ways to reach one's goal. We will try hand in hand to make satisfactory progress. I am an Elder with life experience. I enjoy working with children and adults. Life gives us many trials I am amazed by my client's resiliency and commitment to succeed. 


Lisa Hecht

Lisa Hecht, MSSW, LCSW
Provides services in the Sun Prairie, Portage, Reedsburg & Fitchburg areas 

I see counseling as a way for people to see healing and positive change in their lives, and I see my role as a therapist to facilitate and support the person working toward that goal. I am especially interested in the healing dynamic a person generates as he/she incrementally and actively increases positive events/actions in all spheres of life (cognitive, social, spiritual, physical, recreation etc.) Setting this dynamic in motion, we work collaboratively to design and carry out a plan that is best suited to the person uniquely and to the presenting issue specifically.  This plan may include: cognitive restructuring, emotion processing skills, practicing relational assertiveness, reading books on the topic etc. I, personally, trust my Savior Jesus as I carry out this work with all people.

Brooke Siddell

Brooke Siddell, LMFT
Provides services in the Sun Prairie and Fitchburg areas

"I am a Marriage and Family Therapist where I enjoy working collaboratively with families, couples, and individually with adults and teens.  My professional practice includes working with depression, anxiety, communication skills, emotional connections, stage of life concerns, and coping skills for stress at home or work. I believe therapy is a place to develop and achieve goals and remind ourselves of our strengths."

Paul Koester, LPC, CSACPaul
Provides services in Wauwatosa

"I seek to combine a Christian approach toward family and individual counseling with current insights from the areas of psychology, religion, medicine and science. My particular passion is marital therapy, using a combination of Rational EmotiveTherapy and other counseling methods to strengthen the clients' personal motivation for change and growth."

Andrea Alfke, LPCAndrea Alfke

Provides services in Wauwatosa

"I approach therapy with children and families in a holistic way, looking at all aspects of the child, family or individual.  I enjoy working with children, families and adults on many issues including mood and thought disorders (depression, anxiety, adjustment disorder), self esteem, grief, loss, parenting issues, postpartum depression and trauma."

Michelle Koski, LPC


Provides services in Rice Lake



Dr. James Jensen, Ph.D.

Provides services in Wauwatosa


Professional Support Staff

Lisa Huebner, COOLisa

Milwaukee area/Statewide



Kathy Tyson, Fiscal Manager


Milwaukee Area




Mary Wright, Admin. CoordinatorMary

Northern Wisconsin Area





Gigi Rutkowski, Program Development DirectorGigi






Susan Fisher, Support StaffSue Fisher

Milwaukee Area





Tara Pulley, Support Staff - eveningsTara

Milwaukee Area