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Hello from our Family

Mel and Tom

Jessica and TJ

We have had 9 years to grow together, to explore the world together, to support and to love one another. After getting married 6 years ago and creating a home together, we worked hard to build a steady foundation that we could grow a family on. This included Jessica working in the mental health field while Thomas worked full time and attended college to earn a degree in IT (informational technology). We have experienced many wonderful things; however, our biggest dream is yet to be fulfilled - that of being parents. After a visit to some medical specialist we found out we were not able to have biological children, but right away we knew that just meant we had to work a little harder to find the child that was meant to grow up with us. We are surrounded by amazing family and friends who are super supportive and excited to take this journey with us. We are lucky to have a wonderful and loving relationship, great jobs that bring us financial stability with flexible schedules, and a beautiful home in a neighborhood filled with families. We are incredibly excited to become parents and create a family filled with unconditional love. We look forward to the next adventure in our lives…parenthood!

We are surrounded by nieces and nephews that we adore but we cannot wait to have a child that we can tuck into bed at night after reading a book or attend their t-ball games years down the road. We love to travel, whether it’s to visit extended family around the states or out of the country to see how other cultures live. We want our child to grow up with values in their mind and love in their heart for all people. We are down to earth family that loves to laugh and enjoy every moment we can together because you never know when it might be your last.

We can only imagine the difficult decisions you are making and admire your courage. Should you choose us as adoptive parents, please know you will be making our life's dream come true and we will be forever grateful!

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